World We've Lost - Deluxe Version

by AfterTime

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Deluxe Version of World We've Lost

Get both the original and orchestral versions of all the tracks released on the World We've Lost single!


released January 20, 2017

Sarah Wolf: Vocals
Brad Sturgis: Guitars/Screams
Chris Radke: Guitars
Malachi Arndt: Bass
AJ Blakesley: Drums

Mix/Mastered by Jacob Hansen
Vocals recorded by Andy Gwynn
Drums recorded by Jason Gillespie
Orchestrations by Lukas Knoebl

*Orchestral Versions Mix/Mastered by Lukas Knoebl


all rights reserved



AfterTime Minnesota

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Track Name: World We've Lost
With enough time we'll fall
And mankind's greatest role
Will he to claim the world we've once lost before
To chase our faded dreams
We'll take our final step into the world we've lost

It has been said, written down and read
That this whole world will come to an end
Beyond the storm, the world we're after
Is waiting for us in its doom

No hope behind us, there's no evasion
If we receive our home, we must claim it

Face the end of what was
The birth of a new existence
A trail of shattered pieces
Will guide our journey
Into the world we've lost

As we look down the path between our future and our past
We realize there's no turning back
And as time leads us astray, into an obscure decay
We alone bear the burden of a new day

There's life beyond this, we have a mirai
Let us embrace the call, fo dawn await us

When eternity ends
We'll crawl up from the depths
Reclaim our rightful cause
Into the world we've lost

The end was always destined
But not our conclusion
Like the flames of a fallen phoenix
Ignited we'll rise once more
Out of the world we've lost
Track Name: Forge Your Destiny
How dare you waste away your life
Thinking of only your security
If safety is your prime concern
Be prepared to waste away your life

You've paid dearly for your chosen path
Losing all your creativity
I can't imagine your despair
Condemned individuality

We all carry the strength
To forge our own destinies
The free will we have attained
Is the greatest power of humanity

How life is short and days are few
Infinite time is yet so precious
Squandered opportunities
There's no time for repentance

Live out your dreams and fulfill your goals
YOu need only cross the distance!
Can you see? Are you aware?
Do not atrophy your existence

Only one can ensure a change
Make a choice, stand and prevail
True salvation comes from within
Unleash your desire, don't look back!
Track Name: Reflection
Who are you
Guiding me through the midst of oblivion?
Surrounded by a dark cloud of obscurity
I try to remember the face I knew
So long ago
You are nothing but a distant, faded memory

(Leading me on, I place my trust in you)

Though I feel so hollow
I know not what I've left behind
My choices draw me forward
Away from you, away from myself

Where was I
When I realized I'd lost my way?
Listening desperately
For your blissfully mnemonic flowing melody
I thought I'd abandoned my childish ways
I'm discovering
My mistakes left me so far from what I treasure most

Though I feel so hollow
I know not what I've left behind
My memories draw me forward
Closer still to you, reflecting on myself

I need you
Help me remember
Fill this void
Show me my reflection!
Track Name: Masquerade (Through the Facade)
You gave me life
And you threatened to take it away
If I ever fell from grace
Oh, you'd be there
To catch me
To drag me
Under for good

I see through it all
I see the illusion
You can't hide it

Show me the monster you truly are
Show me fear I've never seen before
Don't break your promises
I see through the façade
Show me the monster you truly are
Make me afraid of what I can't see in the dark
Don't break your promises
I see through the façade

A well of hatred
Painted pastel
Soft colors hide your anger
Oh, that face mask
Your veil of lies
All just a shroud of

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